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Modified Whole Life Insurance Pros, Cons and Benefits

Modified whole life policies offer lower premiums during the first three to five years, but still offer all the basic benefits of whole life insurance policies. This type of policy offers an enormous opportunity for young families who seek to build assets at a time when they have difficulty making ends meet.

A family can accumulate cash value and, at the same time, be eligible for dividend payments according to the policy. Another interesting feature is that the cash value is deferred tax and the money can be borrowed from the tax-free cash value.

Modified Whole Life

Modified Whole Life

Modified Whole Life Insurance Pros, Cons and Benefits

Modified whole life is a means to establish a financial base that can be used in times of financial difficulties. It is not a question of “if” you find yourself in difficult times; It is a question of “when” you experience them.

The cash value that you will accumulate in this policy can be the management of your financial crisis at those times.

You can also provide for your child’s education, help supplement retirement income or many other needs that may arise. Any of these needs can be financed as a low interest loan and still maintain the integrity of the policy.

Here are several “nutshell” reasons that explain why Modified Whole Life Insurance is really a wise choice:

Modified Whole Life has the same highlights as a whole life policy.
A guaranteed death benefit
Accumulation of deferred tax cash value
The ability to borrow from the cash value, usually without taxes.
The potential to earn dividends as declared by the company.

Graded premium whole life

The only thing that you should always remember is that the younger you are, the cheaper your premiums will be, therefore, it only makes sense for you to buy while you are young. Premiums are established through the use of actuarial tables, therefore, the more likely you are to live, the more Graded premium whole life premiums you will pay; making them much lower. Also, when you’re young, your health is probably excellent; This may not be the case if you must wait until you have the income to pay for an entire life policy.

Pros of the whole life modified

  1. Minimized payments in the first 5-10 years
  2. Provides comprehensive protection for all life
  3. Help build cash value
  4. The cash value is deferred tax
  5. Easy to customize coverage

Cons of the modified whole life

  1. Premium goes up after a set period
  2. Take time to build cash value
  3. More complex than traditional term insurance

There is so much competition among modified whole life insurance companies that they are flooding mailboxes almost daily with different types of offers. These offers seem attractive with their low rates, guaranteed coverage, level benefits for the terms of the policy and much more. However, be sure to ask an authorized agent to help you verify these good offers; Some may be legitimate. I would be skeptical about most of these policies, since very few of those that reach your mailbox are really what they represent.

Modified premium whole life

Since Modified Whole Life [] has lower premiums during the first few years, it not only gives you a break while trying to establish a decent income, the dollars you pay when premiums are adjusted upward. they will inflate soft dollars. This type term life insurance policy is a win-win Modified premium whole life policy from several aspects. A lower premium in the first few years of the policy may slightly affect the amount of cash value, however, when the “time value of money” is taken into account, it is insignificant. Visit to

  • Modified Whole Life Insurance Pros, Cons and Benefits.